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Another Anti-Semitic Attack as a Rock is Thrown at a Jewish House in Brooklyn


Anti-Semitism continues unabated as a rock is thrown at a Jewish house in Brooklyn.

The now famous march against Hate and Anti-Semitism has come and gone, yet the hate to Jews in the Tri-State area keeps growing and continues to sow fear in the outwardly Jewish populace of the area.

While many politicians showed their faces in front of the cameras at the march as it went over the Brooklyn Bridge, little or no change has actually happened on the ground.

Like a cycle that keeps getting worse, hate crimes against Jews are growing. The frightening aspect of the above video is how young the perpetrator is. If kids can be trained to commit anti-semitic attacks, is there any real way to curb the tide of hate?

Ultimately, these images are ones that people use to say was only reserved to the Middle East or maybe France, but now they are on the streets of the USA.

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Gavriel Dan
Gavriel is an indigenous rights activist whose work has taken him to the hills and communities deep into Judea and Samaria. He has a keen understanding of social movements, peace agendas, and the geopolitical needs in connection to the future of Israel's development of its ancient homeland.