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The best proof that there is NO apartheid in Israel


Is there really apartheid in Israel? When “Palestinian” Arab farmers attend the biggest agricultural fair in Tel Aviv, that is NOT apartheid.

Agricultural Event

“Palestinian” Arab farmers joined together with Israeli farmers at an agrotech event in Tel Aviv. More than 350 Palestinian Arab farmers attended! These farmers came from all over Israel. One farmer said, “About 60% of the participants in this exhibition in Tel Aviv are ‘Palestinian Arabs.’ This shows that there is benefit and cooperation. Otherwise, no one would have come.”

At the fair, Israeli companies showed the “Palestinian” Arab farmers different technology and products that can help the farmers. And the farmers were willing to accept Israel’s advanced agricultural help. That is not what apartheid looks like.

Apartheid in Israel?

There is no apartheid in Israel. And the example of “Palestinian” Arab farmers joining together with Israelis is not shocking if you know what Israel is all about. Step on a train, a bus, or go to Jerusalem’s central bus station, and you won’t see any signs of apartheid. There are Arab workers, Arab bus drivers, Arab storeowners. Muslims serve in the Israel Defense Forces. And there are also just regular people walking through the streets.

What kind of apartheid is that? It’s not.

Why do Israel-haters keep claiming that there is apartheid in Israel? It’s just so obviously not true.

The more the Israel-haters claim such lies, the more it belittles those who have actually experienced apartheid in places like South Africa.

So enough is enough. Check the facts. It’s not hard. Visit Israel and see the truth. Don’t listen to the mainstream media. Don’t listen to anti-Israel organizations and groups who circulate lies to demonize the one Jewish state – the ONE democracy in the Middle East.

Wake up and focus on the real issues facing the world. Because Israel is NOT the problem.