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Bibi threatens Gaza terrorists as security rushes him off stage to bomb shelter


Prime Minister Netanyahu threatens Gaza terrorists as they fire rockets at his location forcing security to rush him off the stage where he was speaking.

During the primary campaign against rival Gidon Saar, Bibi Netanyahu spoke near the Gaza border in Ashkelon when rockets were fired at his location. While Netanyahu went on to win the primary challenge handily, the image of the Prime Minister being pulled off the stage leaves a lingering question of what the government will do with Hamas run Gaza.

“The one that shot last time is gone, the one that shot now should pack his things,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said after he was pulled from the stage. Bibi was referring to the now deceased leader of Islamic Jihad, killed after an IDF strike on his location.

While the primary in the Likud is now over, it remains to be seen whether the government will retaliate for the rocket fire. Ultimately, it has been noted by many that the border with Gaza has been far more quiet since Naftali Bennett became the Defense Minister. He has applied a proactive strategy against the Jihadist groups.

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Gavriel Dan
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