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Florida police arrested Walter Edward Stolper, 72, after he dumped several gasoline-filled containers down a trash chute in his apartment[...]
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This story must be shared. Once again, Israel is helping the Syrians in their war-torn country. That is the truth[...]
Ireland supports boycotts and calls Israel an apartheid state
Ireland's government is completely anti Israel. Their policies and their people reflect that. They have just passed a law which[...]
When people don’t support Israel they are supporting this
The media will flood your brain with reasons why you shouldn't support Israel. But the truth is, the alternative is[...]
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Israel launched a strike on Gaza after Hamas launched close to 200 rockets and mortars into Israel over the weekend.[...]
Man Survives Hamas Rocket Attack as Three Israelis Wounded When Home Directly Hit
Hamas today shot close to 200 rockets and mortars into Israel. Three people were injured when one rocket hit their[...]