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Bringing Torah scrolls back to life for the defenders of Israel


Torah, or the Bible, is Judaism’s basis. Find out about bringing Torah scrolls back to life and continuing the legacy of Judaism’s holy text!

God’s Word

The Bible is God’s word to the Jewish people. It is everything. Little Jewish children learn about the five books of Moses and parts of it from an early age. One of the first words and songs that children learn is “Torah tziva lanu Moshe morasha kehillat Yaakov.” “The Torah that Moshe commanded us is the heritage of the congregation of Yaakov” (translation Chabad.org). It is the Jewish people’s heritage! It is the foundation of Judaism!

And it deserves a lot of respect. That is why even when a scroll is deemed physically unusable according to Jewish law, there is sometimes a way to bring it back to life! Jews want to bring as much respect to the Bible as possible.

When Everything Meets in the Land

It is a beautiful thing to have the Jewish people keeping the Jewish law in the Land of Israel. It all comes together. And when you have Torah scrolls that are dedicated for IDF soldiers to use, it is just chilling. The defenders of Israel have Torah and God by their sides.

This organization, Oz V’Hadar, which takes scrolls from all over the world and gives them a new life, does amazing things. Some of these scrolls even survived the Holocaust! Can you imagine? A nation like Israel who values God, their Bible, their religion, and their land so deeply can never be uprooted.