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The most beautiful way to welcome the Shabbat Queen

Shabbat is the holiest day of the week and so Jews all over the world enter into this spiritual time with song....

The convert’s song about God that will touch your soul

Nissim Black is a convert to Judaism who found God after a long journey. He learned to incorporate his talent with Judaism....

The frightening return of antisemitism after the promise of “Never Again”

For so many people, the term, "Never Again" expresses the hope, the prayer, and the firm resolve that never again will such...

Democrats want to disqualify judicial nominee for religious beliefs

It is shocking, but it is true. The democrats discriminate against people for religious beliefs - against a judicial nominee! That is...

Why Jews praying on the Temple Mount is a problem for Islam

Why does a Jew or a group of Jews who decide to pray on the Temple Mount drive Arabs crazy? Why...

Bibi threatens Iran: Get out of Syria

Bibi is not playing games. He strongly advises Iran to get out of Syria. And fast. Israel will not allow its enemies...

Watch this short story till the end. It will completely shock you.

This life-saving story of terror in Israel is a one-in-a-million story. It is mind boggling to think of the odds of...

A drone flew over Auschwitz and captured something incredibly powerful

Auschwitz was one of several concentration camps and death camps that the Nazis used to destroy the Jewish race. But it...

Snowing at the Western Wall of the Holy Temple Mount

What a beautiful sight to see, snow falling down on the Holy places in the holyland! We are blessed with this holy...

The miraculous relationship between the Jewish People and Israel

There is something unique and mystical about the connection between the Jewish people and Israel. The only way to explain it is...

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