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Democrats’ growing antisemitism may change the party’s future

There is growing antisemitism throughout the world. Do we really need it in American politics as well? The Democratic Party has taken...

Bibi meets with Russian President Putin to discuss Iran in Syria

The Russian leadership and the State of Israel's relationship has seen ups and downs since the founding of the State of Israel....

President Trump supports Bibi despite allegations against the Israeli PM

The US President and the Israeli PM have a good, strong relationship. It is nice for allies such as America and Israel...

British Jew Warns Americans about the Corbynization of the Democratic Party

Anti-Israel activists are dominating progressive movements within the Democrat Party. These progressives are winning the hearts of left-leaning Jews with their talk...

2 dramatically rescued after being trapped by flood in Jerusalem’s Arazim Valley

There has been a ton of rain in Israel recently! But this time, the heavy rain caused a flood in Jerusalem's Arazim...

American Imam says Moses and Jesus were Muslim

Moses lived around 3,500 years ago. The Muslim faith began around 1,500 years ago. That fact, which every single reasonable...

Christian Israelis Distribute Chocolates to IDF Soldiers on Christmas

Few people understand the reality of Israel and the Middle East for Christians, with Israel being the safest and best place for...

Famous Jewish singer rocks out in Times Square

Times Square is a well known location in New York City. And seeing famous Jewish singer Yaakov Shwekey sing there is amazing!...

The real City Of David proves Israel’s critics wrong

Today, you can walk on the same exact stones that King David walked when he walked towards the location that would be...

United Nations Slams Israel with Damning Gaza Report Filled with Lies

The United Nations Human Rights Council just issued a Gaza report castigating Israel for war crimes in defending itself against the Hamas...

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