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The IDF is the most important expression of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel today. For generations, the Jewish people fought with the only weapons they had - passports.  Kicked out forcibly from one country after another, the Jewish people became known as a wandering people. Today, Jews in their homeland no longer wander.  They are home, and Jewish (and non-Jewish) soldiers guard the Land.


The Israel Defense Forces sprung up from 3 separate pre-State of Israel militias - the Haganah, the Irgun, and the Stern Group. However, they all unified after the founding of the State of Israel.  Today, the IDF serves as one of the most unifying aspects of the State of Israel. Israel's Air Force is known for being one of the most battle-tested and brave air forces in the world. Israel's tank and armor battalions have fought numerous wars and battles in impossible situations and have come out victorious. But the majority of Israel's foot soldiers handle more difficult day-in, day-out small flame battles with terrorists planning attacks. Many operations do not reach the headlines.   However, these soldiers are certainly serving the State of Israel on its front-lines 24/7 every day of the year.                    

U.S. army makes major buy and gets Israeli tank technology

Israeli military technology is on the cutting edge. The U.S. army recently made a huge purchase buying Israel's tank technology. Israel's Tank Technology Israel's army and...

IDF spokesman and Imam agree on dangers of terrorism in historic meeting

It is not often that you hear an Imam agree with the IDF about the dangers of Terrorism. But what this Imam says gives...

The secret to why the Israeli Air Force is one of the best in...

The Israeli Air Force is unbelievably strong. They are considered one of the best in the world. But here are some things you might...

History is made as female tank commanders take charge in IDF

In a historic first for Israel, four women became the IDF’s first female tank commanders. While supporters of gender equality are celebrating, there are...

IDF trains South African farmers to defend themselves against violent gangs

A former Israeli special forces agent is helping South African farmers defend themselves. Violent gangs have been robbing them and killing them. Helping Those in...

IDF helps injured Arab in Hebron

Hebron is often spoken of in the news as a place of clashes between Israelis and Arabs. But here is an IDF soldier helping...

Hamas Exposed for Lying to World about 8 Month Old Gaza Girl “Killed” by...

Remember the 8-month-old baby in Gaza, Layla Ghandour, killed by the IDF? Hamas sold the lie to the world media that the IDF killed...

Shin Bet uncovers massive terror cell in Nablus and stops major attacks

IDF officers involved said that they haven't seen such a major operation in years. Thankfully they uncovered this massive terror cell. This isn't the...

IDF destroys an underwater Hamas terror tunnel

Hamas has come up with a new terror tactic alongside everything else they have tried. They are now building terror tunnels underwater. You probably...

At the Gaza border, this is what the IDF is doing – Arabic

Israel does everything it can to warn civilians so that we hurt the least amount of civilians as possible. In Gaza, the IDF sends...

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