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The IDF is the most important expression of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel today. For generations, the Jewish people fought with the only weapons they had - passports.  Kicked out forcibly from one country after another, the Jewish people became known as a wandering people. Today, Jews in their homeland no longer wander.  They are home, and Jewish (and non-Jewish) soldiers guard the Land.


The Israel Defense Forces sprung up from 3 separate pre-State of Israel militias - the Haganah, the Irgun, and the Stern Group. However, they all unified after the founding of the State of Israel.  Today, the IDF serves as one of the most unifying aspects of the State of Israel. Israel's Air Force is known for being one of the most battle-tested and brave air forces in the world. Israel's tank and armor battalions have fought numerous wars and battles in impossible situations and have come out victorious. But the majority of Israel's foot soldiers handle more difficult day-in, day-out small flame battles with terrorists planning attacks. Many operations do not reach the headlines.   However, these soldiers are certainly serving the State of Israel on its front-lines 24/7 every day of the year.                    

IDF Launches Operation to Stop Hezbollah Terror Tunnels Up North

The IDF has launched Operation "Northern Shield" to expose and thwart cross-border Hezbollah attack tunnels on Israel's northern border. Iran has been planning a...

Watch how these Israeli soldiers dedicate their lives to their country

There are very few events that are more emotional than a swearing-in ceremony for Israeli soldiers.  Every soldier understands the gravity of what they...

This is why Israel Built a wall on the Gaza Border

Once upon a time close to 10,000 Jews lived in Gaza. At one time there were very good relations between Jews and Gaza Arabs....

Israeli reservist shares a startling firsthand account of what’s happening in Gaza

It is against international law to use human shields. Putting civilians in the center of a conflict is just wrong. This is exactly what...

“Palestinian” mother’s pride as her kids pretend to shoot at Israeli soldiers on Temple...

This is how "Palestinians" educate their children. Watch a mother's smile as her children act violent toward Israeli soldiers on the Temple Mount. Temple Mount The...

What you can do to help Israeli soldiers

This song is a Hebrew prayer to God with the words that pray for the welfare of Israeli soldiers.  The background is of video...

CNN and Gaza’s “Defiant Resignation”

CNN headlined a report today on the Middle East beginning with an ineffectual report by their Israeli correspondent Oren Liebermann explaining about the resignation...

Israeli army officers sing Israel’s national anthem in concentration camp in Poland

Israel’s national anthem is filled with hope. It is beyond inspiring when you hear it in a place where so many Jews perished during...

What the Israeli flag really represents

Every Jew in the world and especially in Israel gets emotionally moved when they see the Israeli flag.  What is it's message? Way Before 1948 The...

Israeli soldiers sing to God as they head to the Gaza border

Israeli soldiers still praise God and sing to him even as they put their lives at risk to defend the Jewish people. Who else...

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