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The IDF is the most important expression of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel today. For generations, the Jewish people fought with the only weapons they had - passports.  Kicked out forcibly from one country after another, the Jewish people became known as a wandering people. Today, Jews in their homeland no longer wander.  They are home, and Jewish (and non-Jewish) soldiers guard the Land.


The Israel Defense Forces sprung up from 3 separate pre-State of Israel militias - the Haganah, the Irgun, and the Stern Group. However, they all unified after the founding of the State of Israel.  Today, the IDF serves as one of the most unifying aspects of the State of Israel. Israel's Air Force is known for being one of the most battle-tested and brave air forces in the world. Israel's tank and armor battalions have fought numerous wars and battles in impossible situations and have come out victorious. But the majority of Israel's foot soldiers handle more difficult day-in, day-out small flame battles with terrorists planning attacks. Many operations do not reach the headlines.   However, these soldiers are certainly serving the State of Israel on its front-lines 24/7 every day of the year.                    

Hamas is killing Gaza, and the world is dead silent

What is the biggest threat to the Arabs in Gaza? The answer is - their leadership - Hamas. While Israel spends millions of dollars...

Israel is prepared for threats on all fronts, and here is how

Iran is making dangerous advances toward Israel, yet Israel will not sit idly by. When Iran sent a military drone to Israel, the IDF...

IDF soldiers sang in Persian for Iranians, and it went VIRAL!

IDF soldiers sing. Yes - these soldiers represent so much of Israeli life that is more than the defense of the State of Israel....

A must-hear song about one of Israel’s most miraculous wars

Modern day miracles are something you don't forget. So when the odds were heavily stacked against Israel, Israel's victory in the 1967 Six Day...

When the odds were against Israel in 1973, miracles became the norm

When Arab armies led massive forces to attack Israel during the Yom Kippur War, everyone thought Israel would be destroyed. Israel proved the arabs...

If you tell a woman she can’t, THIS is what she will answer

Women in the military is not a new concept in Israel. Women have served in military capacities in Israel since before the founding of...

Col. Richard Kemp explains Gaza situation perfectly

A lot of people like to spread lies and distortions and rumors. But Richard Kemp knows the truth, and is telling it like never...

The mission that saved the world from Syria’s nuclear reactor

Did Israel bomb Syria in 2007? How did they do it? Was Syria really building a secret nuclear weapons program? Get the answers right...

What Israeli soldiers are really doing at the Gaza border

Masses of terrorists are trying to burst into Israel. Here is what the Israel Defense Forces is doing along the Gaza border. It is...

Israel’s Tech Solution for Detecting and Destroying Gaza Tunnels

The IDF has researched ways for destroying Gaza tunnels. Once Hamas failed in their attacks on Israel with missiles over the fence, they turned...

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