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The IDF is the most important expression of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel today. For generations, the Jewish people fought with the only weapons they had - passports.  Kicked out forcibly from one country after another, the Jewish people became known as a wandering people. Today, Jews in their homeland no longer wander.  They are home, and Jewish (and non-Jewish) soldiers guard the Land.


The Israel Defense Forces sprung up from 3 separate pre-State of Israel militias - the Haganah, the Irgun, and the Stern Group. However, they all unified after the founding of the State of Israel.  Today, the IDF serves as one of the most unifying aspects of the State of Israel. Israel's Air Force is known for being one of the most battle-tested and brave air forces in the world. Israel's tank and armor battalions have fought numerous wars and battles in impossible situations and have come out victorious. But the majority of Israel's foot soldiers handle more difficult day-in, day-out small flame battles with terrorists planning attacks. Many operations do not reach the headlines.   However, these soldiers are certainly serving the State of Israel on its front-lines 24/7 every day of the year.                    

When one IDF soldier is injured, everyone comes to his side

IDF Soldiers are like a big family. Soldiers become like brothers. This one soldier was injured in a terrorist attack. His brothers...

This is what IDF Soldiers really do when they are supposed to be training….

Join the IDF choir as they take us for a musical visit to an army base. This experience is what many young men and...

Israel is doing something on the Syrian border that no country would ever do

Israel is saving the world. It's true - you probably won't here it on the mainstream news. But the humanitarian aid that Israel provides...

IDF Attacks Hamas in Gaza After 4 IDF Soldiers Injured by Bomb on Security...

IDF forces attacked Hamas targets in Gaza tonight.  This was in retaliation for 4 Israeli soldiers who were seriously injured by an IED bomb...

Israel fears Syrian poison gas may leak into Israel

Chemical Weapons in Syria are a major issue.  Assad, the Syrian dictator, clearly does not hesitate to use chemical weapons to kill opponents.  Israel needs...

Major Escalation Between Israel and Iran – Will Russia Provide Support to Tehran?

The coming pull out of American forces from Syria has brought the chance of direct confrontation between Israel and Iran closer than...

What you can do to help Israeli soldiers

This song is a Hebrew prayer to God with the words that pray for the welfare of Israeli soldiers.  The background is of video...

Serious International Conflict Developing South of Israel

In this Diplomatic Dispatch from Jerusalem, Amb. Dr. Dore Gold draws attention to a serious conflict brewing.  It is developing on Israel's southernmost border,...

Israeli soldiers take on MasterChef with only a box of army rations

MasterChef is a popular cooking show. And now Israeli soldiers have taken on the task of using what they have to create masterpieces! What Israeli...

IDF Launches Operation to Stop Hezbollah Terror Tunnels Up North

The IDF has launched Operation "Northern Shield" to expose and thwart cross-border Hezbollah attack tunnels on Israel's northern border. Iran has been planning a...

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