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What is Islamophobia?

Some would explain Islamophobia as simply referring to the fear of Islam. Dennis Prager puts it differently.  He claims that Islamophobia has one purpose.  That is, "to suppress any criticism, legitimate or not, of Islam." Here we refer to it in a general way.  Anything that relates to the overwhelming impact that Islam has on our lives today, falls under this category. A few decades ago, most people would have stated that the greatest threats to mankind were nuclear weapons or the Communist threat from the Soviet Union. Today, things have changed - drastically. There are major population shifts in Europe and the impact that the Islamic countries have is rapidly increasing. The threats of proliferation of nuclear weapons is growing.  Smaller rogue countries with radical leaders are more dangerous today than any other time. Vigilance against all threats is necessary to retain the freedom we so cherish.                

Polish MP said something that TOTALLY shocked British media!

A Polish MP stunned British media when he said that no Muslim refugees have been welcomed into Poland. But you really can't deny the...

Frightening Reality of Muslims Murdering in the Name of G-d – Blasphemy

Innocent people are continuously killed in Pakistan because of charges of blasphemy. This isn't generations ago, this is today. (NOTE: as religious Jews, we...

Anybody who cares about Christian persecution must see this

This is a troubling film about Christian persecution by the Clarion Project. This is not a film for you to sit back and enjoy....

Iran’s president sends direct threat to Israel on Al Quds Day

It is not surprising that Iran's president sent a direct threat to Israel on Al Quds Day. Israel has a right to exist! When...

This is What Appeasing Muslims Looks Like

Blatant judicial discrimination exists in Israel. The courts apply one law to Jews and disregard applying that same law to Muslims. Our liberal elites...

Turkish Politicians make outrageous comments about Israel

Turkey was once a strong ally of Israel's. Today Turkey is an enemy. One can not listen to how these Turkish politicians speak and...

Investigative Report: Muslim refugee rape gangs coming to America?

As Muslims refugees flee the Middle East, they come to the United States. They bring with them one vital aspect that they hold on...

Europe is committing suicide, and here is how it happened

It's that simple, Europe is self-destructing. It is committing cultural suicide. British author, journalist, and political commentator Douglas Murray explains why. Lost Faith in Itself According...

The MUST WATCH Video on the Imprisonment of Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson was arrested in England.  Just a few hours later, the authorities threw him into jail. He is the voice who exposed the...

Priest Stabbed by Muslim in Bethlehem Caught on Security Camera

This is a story that ought to have major exposure across the world. However, the media is simply NOT reporting this incident. The media is...

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