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What is Islamophobia?

Some would explain Islamophobia as simply referring to the fear of Islam. Dennis Prager puts it differently.  He claims that Islamophobia has one purpose.  That is, "to suppress any criticism, legitimate or not, of Islam." Here we refer to it in a general way.  Anything that relates to the overwhelming impact that Islam has on our lives today, falls under this category. A few decades ago, most people would have stated that the greatest threats to mankind were nuclear weapons or the Communist threat from the Soviet Union. Today, things have changed - drastically. There are major population shifts in Europe and the impact that the Islamic countries have is rapidly increasing. The threats of proliferation of nuclear weapons is growing.  Smaller rogue countries with radical leaders are more dangerous today than any other time. Vigilance against all threats is necessary to retain the freedom we so cherish.                

What these Iranian-Canadians said makes you wonder why they’re living in Canada

This Quds Day rally really makes you wonder why these Muslims are even living in Canada. They enjoy so many freedoms, yet...

Vile Jew-Hating Islamic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Called Out for What She Is

While speaking at a banquet for a terror-tied organization in Orlando, Florida, Rashida Tlaib was confronted by Jacob Engels, the Florida correspondent...

Muslim Brotherhood Supporting Congresswoman Gets Briefing on US Airforce Jets

This is just a scary, scary scene. Seeing Democratic Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, who is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, in a...

The real threat to the Jews in Germany that the mainstream media is hiding

Jews in Germany face antisemitism constantly. It's a problem in Europe and across the world. When they say it's because of the...

Imam warns America about Omar and Tlaib’s real agenda

When an Imam warns America about the dangers of the two Muslim congresswomen, you better listen up. Someone like him knows.

Online Censorship is Growing and it Threatens Us All

This video must be seen by all. We produced the following video a year ago titled "Don't Shut Us Up" warning about...

MUST WATCH: Banned for Saying the Truth! Online Censorship is Growing

As always, Paul Joseph Watson does a great job breaking down the reality of the growing online censorship by silicon valley companies....

Iranian spokesman’s speech about America – try watching with a straight face!

An Iranian spokesman made a speech that would almost seem comical. It is so absurd and ridiculous that it makes you wonder...

The once modernized Jordan has turned into THIS!

Jordan could have been something different. But Hamas is turning the once modern kingdom into something that should horrify the Western world.

How women were “celebrated” in Indonesia on Women’s Day

Women's Day is a time when we celebrate the advances of women in the world. But in some places, they don't...

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