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What is Islamophobia?

Some would explain Islamophobia as simply referring to the fear of Islam. Dennis Prager puts it differently.  He claims that Islamophobia has one purpose.  That is, "to suppress any criticism, legitimate or not, of Islam." Here we refer to it in a general way.  Anything that relates to the overwhelming impact that Islam has on our lives today, falls under this category. A few decades ago, most people would have stated that the greatest threats to mankind were nuclear weapons or the Communist threat from the Soviet Union. Today, things have changed - drastically. There are major population shifts in Europe and the impact that the Islamic countries have is rapidly increasing. The threats of proliferation of nuclear weapons is growing.  Smaller rogue countries with radical leaders are more dangerous today than any other time. Vigilance against all threats is necessary to retain the freedom we so cherish.                

Muslim Imam exposes the shocking hypocrisy of the far-left

This is Imam Mohamad Tawhidi, a reformist Imam. Here he exposes the hypocrisy of the far-left at the European Parliament. He has...

A Pakistani Muslim’s shocking message to the American people

Anila Ali is a Pakistani Muslim at the forefront of the fight against Radical Islam.  She is a woman, and yes, she is a...

Meet the landlord charged with “Islamophobia” — for not taking off shoes!

Jailed for Islamaphobia - Sharia law has infiltrated Canada and a Christian man is feeling the heat. John Alabi was recently brought to court...

Liberal Canadian MP labels anti-ISIS protesters “white supremacists”

Personal Attacks Instead of Issue-Based Discussion Whenever a progressive wants to shut down an argument against their progressive views, all they have to do is...

Radical Islamist missionaries are destroying religious freedom

What are the essential dangers of radical islamist ideology in this world?  Should there be any limits on what is said or preached in...

Feminists are silent as Saudi woman is jailed for hugging a man in public

It is sad that we live in an age when "feminists" in the West stay silent about true oppression against women in the Muslim...

A Kurdish Woman “Thanks” the West for allowing Turkey to Massacre her People

After the West stayed silent as Turkey allowed jihadist forces to massacre her Kurdish people in Afrin, Syria, this Kurdish lady does not remain...

The ex-Muslims who risked their lives to speak out

It is very interesting and important to hear these ex-Muslims speak out. They don't bash Islam, but they do speak out against them being...

11 malnourished kids saved from Islamic extremists in New Mexico

11 malnourished kids were found in an Islamic extremist terror training camp that was set up on the border of New Mexico and Colorado....

Tommy Robinson’s most comprehensive interview on his imprisonment by British State

A few days ago Rebel Media sat down with the activist and citizen journalist, Tommy Robinson. You can get the background on the case...

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