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Israeli military blows up Hamas TV station so that THIS can never be shown...

Why does the world criticize the Israeli military for fighting terrorism? They do what they do to defend their people and defeat hate and...

This is the exact reason why Israel needs to act disproportionally!

This West Wing scene teaches us what should be obvious, but is obviously not.  So much of the leadership of the military employs predictable...

Caroline Glick went to Dallas Texas and blew the minds of her audience

Caroline Glick speaks about President Trump's policy towards Israel and how it impacts America. Introduced by Col. Allen West. Caroline is one of the...

UPDATE: Israel’s Defense Minister Resigns Over Gaza Inaction. New Elections?

Israel is now entering a period of uncertainty. With the resignation of the Defense Minister, it is almost certain that elections will be held...

European Court Makes it Illegal to Criticize Mohammed. Free Speech Does NOT Apply

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) passed a verdict last Thursday that insulting Islam’s Prophet Mohammed would be a punishable offense and will...

Woman Rescued from Direct Hamas Rocket Hit in Ashkelon

One woman was miraculously rescued from a building in Ashkelon that suffered a direct hit from a Hamas rocket. The man right next to...

Iran Waging War Against Israel from Gaza Right Now

Hamas and Islamic Jihad are still in the midst of shooting 400+ rockets at Israel. They are proxies of Iran, as part of Iran's...

Israel under attack as Hamas sends over 300 rockets to murder Israelis

Hamas fired more than 300 rockets in one evening all across Southern Israel yesterday. The entire south of Israel was forced into bomb shelters....

Israel Under Attack. Non-Stop Rocket Fire. Direct Hit on Houses & Bus

Israel is under attack for the past 7 hours. Over 300 rockets have been shot at Israeli communities. Some direct hits have caused damage...

Israelis Run to Sleep in Shelters After Night of Rockets from Gaza Terrorists

Gaza terrorists shot rockets into Israel last night.  That forced thousands of Israelis into shelters.  This happened while Israel was in the midst of...

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