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Watch IDF Overnight Operations that Eliminate the Barkan and Ofra Terrorist Killers

Last night IDF operations across Judea and Samaria were successful.  The IDF tracked down and killed terrorists from the recent shooting attacks. The IDF...

U.N. and the Western media fail to condemn Hamas and terrorism

Why do Israeli victims of Hamas terrorism not get covered extensively in Western media?  Is there a conspiracy of silence?  Is it a result...

“Palestinian” Arab killed for selling land to Jews

The Palestinian Authority has many racist "laws" that it implements.  One of them is that any Arab who is "caught" in a sale of...

3 Day Old Baby from Terror Shooting Attack Dies of Wounds

The baby, delivered 10 week’s early because his pregnant mother was shot in the terror shooting outside Ofra, has died. He was murdered by...

UK government condemns Hamas’ human rights violations

Is the UK government willing to stand up to Hamas? @mariacaulfield today during F.O questions asking whether UK will vote in favour of US res....

Muslims in China are being ethnically cleansed

What kind of relationship have the United States and China had over the last 100 years?This is not a simple question to answer. The Chinese...

Iran violates U.N. resolutions and the world is silent

What is the point of U.N. resolutions if the world won't condemn those who violate them? Iran has violated multiple resolutions on many occasions! Iran The...

Bibi went to northern Israel and opened up to Fox News

Pete Hegseth from Fox News sat down with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the tension in Israel's north. Terror tunnels from Hizbullah Prime Minister Netanyahu has...

Terrorist opened fire in Samaria, 7 people injured

A horrible terror attack took place at a bus stop right outside the Ofra settlement.  A car drove by the bus stop, slowed down...

Terror Shooting Attack in Samaria. Pregnant Woman Among 6 Injured

Six people have just been injured in a drive-by terror shooting attack at the Ofra junction in the Binyamin region. One of the seriously...

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