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Hebron Terrorist Targeted an “American” to Murder in the Judean Hills

Security officials do not know why, but the Muslim terrorist from Hebron who murdered Ari Fuld last week specifically hunted an "English" speaker. New...

Gaza Terrorist Killed as 10,000+ Gazans Rioted Throwing Grenades and Infiltrating Into Israel

Israel's patience is wearing thin as 10,000+ Gazans storm the Israeli border. The IDF shot and killed one of the rioters who threw grenades...

A “Palestinian” Arab teenager murdered a Jewish hero

This is the tragic story of a close personal friend of mine, Ari Fuld.  In death, he became recognized for the Jewish hero he...

Finally, a Muslim Official Kicked Off the Temple Mount

One of the biggest disgraces today is that Israel allows the Muslim WAQF authority to set the rules for Jewish visitors to our holy...

Former Secretary of State John Kerry met with Iranian diplomats – and it wasn’t...

Former Secretary of State John Kerry does not realize that he has no power anymore to represent the United States of America. Secretary of...

Palestinian Authority Pays Terrorist $3,300 Advance Payment for Murdering Ari Fuld z”l

On Sunday, a Muslim terrorist from the Yatta village near Hevron, murdered an innocent Jewish father of four, Ari Fuld, who was shopping at...

“Palestinian” Authority admits to paying terrorists in Israeli prison

The PA can dance around the facts as to whether or not the PA engages in paying terrorists.  But sometimes, they reveal the truth...

Obama disgraces America by calling Benghazi “conspiracy theory”

What a disgrace. Obama calls the Beghazi terror attack a "conspiracy theory" when it was his administration that created the conspiracy theory that it...

United Nations’ Agency textbooks for “Palestinian” children praise terrorism

It is a good thing that the UN funds textbooks for poor children.  Education is a good thing.  Or at least it ought to...

Israeli Superman Overcomes Stabbing to Shoot Muslim Terrorist and Then Dies

I'm devastated. My friend Ari Fuld was just murdered by a Muslim terrorist in the Judean Hills. He was a proud Jew and he...

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