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Iran attacks tanker ships, the Left attacks Trump. Here’s what Ben Shapiro has to...

The attack by Iran of the tanker ships is not something to be taken lightly. Not because it poses a major geopolitical...

A refugee’s powerful message to Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar acts as if she cares about those who are suffering. But this refugee just showed the world why she is...

Anti-Israel Rally at Times Square in New York with Horrific Idiotic Chants

This video is from an Al Quds Day rally held in Times Square, NY on May 31. These New...

Jews dance at Arab engagement party and…the PLO punishes the Arabs

Well, this just tells you everything you need to know. When Jews and Arabs try to make peace, the PLO does everything...

The war that changed the course of history

Most people would think that the war that changed everything was World War II. But, this historian explains that actually it...

IDF Attacks Hamas Targets in Gaza in Retaliation for the Recent Rocket Attacks

The IDF attacked Hamas targets in Gaza in retaliation for the recent rocket attacks over the past 48 hours. Hamas terrorists have...

Israeli School Building Suffers Direct Rocket Hit from Gaza Terrorist Attack

A Sderot school building suffered a direct rocket hit from Gaza terrorists. Miraculously, nobody was injured in the attack.

The New York Times’ article that crossed every line

Many newspapers share ridiculous, inaccurate information. But this New York Times' article is out of control, and it is SHOCKING that it...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slams Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Prime Minister Netanyahu slammed Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Zarif for saying that Israel wants to destroy Iran. It is Iran that...

Your tax money is supporting Hezbollah and apartheid in Lebanon!

So, do you know where your tax money is going? Probably not where you want it to be going. Here are some...

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