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Netanyahu’s strong stance on open borders and migrants

"Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration."  These are the words of the Global Agreement for free immigration and open borders between countries.  It sounds so...

“Palestinian” Arabs share the real purpose for the Gaza border riots

Are you convinced yet? The "Palestinian" Arabs themselves are even telling the world their real purpose for the Gaza border riots. So listen up. Gaza...

Gaza terrorists are destroying the land of Israel and Environmentalists are silent

Hamas terrorists have a new way to attack Israel. This may be their most dangerous attack yet. The new weapon is cheap, easy to...

Bibi’s warning to the world as terror tunnels are found at Israel’s northern border

Israel's borders have lots of holes underneath them.  The holes are tunnels that terrorists have dug under the border fences. A wall and a fence...

Netanyahu Spokesman Takes Down SKY News Hostile Questions On Gaza Deaths

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu spokesman David Keyes masterfully answers the hostile questions of the SKY News TV host. This interview takes place after the...

Saudi Arabia Human Rights Activist Punished with Death Penalty

The following video is spreading on Arabic social media showing how Saudi Arabian authorities publicly executed Esraa al-Ghamgam, a female human rights activist.  She...

Palestinian Authority Kidnaps and Tortures US Citizen

An Arab American has been kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured by the Palestinian Authority?  Why?  Because he assisted in an Arab who sold a home...

Iranians Killed & 200 Missiles Destroyed in Air Strike on Syrian Base. Was it...

Last night, an unnamed source hit a Syrian army base destroying 200 missiles. Most of those killed were Iranian fighters. The US is denying...

When the world protested Israel at the U.N., Col. Richard Kemp set them straight

It's nothing new, but it's still utterly shocking. Israel is continuously being accused of human rights violations at the U.N. The worst human rights...

Israeli Emergency Team on Scene of Horrible Car Accident that Wipes Out Whole Family

A horrible car accident today wiped out a whole family of eight, including both parents and six children. The ZAKA emergency medical team was...

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