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Nikki Haley on why the U.S. is cutting funds to United Nations’ agency

The United Nations has institutionalized antisemitism. It has one agency that has the job to resettle all of the refugees around the world.  Then,...

Iran is terrorizing the Middle East and the entire world

Iran is fueling terror across the Middle East as well as the rest of the world. Their own people are suffering as well! Where...

President Trump calls out the bias against Conservatives on social media

Social media companies minimize the exposure of conservative voices.  This is clear from many angles and accounts.  But now they have an adversary with...

Muslims Desecrate the Temple Mount with Snowball Fights

Today the Muslims posted a video on Twitter of a massive snowball fight on the Temple Mount. First of all it is NOT snowing...

Israeli startup stuns the world with an invention that beat 210 entries in counter-terror...

When people think about counter-terror measures or devices, one generally thinks about unique weapons such as drones or cyber-measures. But often the most important...

“Palestinian” Arab Terrorist Leader Abbas Praises Murderers to Clapping of World Leaders

This is a colossal disgrace for the United Nations and the world leaders.  They just stood up and gave terrorist leader Abbas a huge...

Terror in Jerusalem: Cars & Buses Attacked with stones on the Mount of Olives

As we prepare for the Jewish New Year celebrations, Jerusalem Muslims are stepping up their terror in Jerusalem by throwing stones at buses and...

Are the Yellow Vest Protesters Using Israeli Technology?

The success of the Yellow Vest activists in France has drawn observers to ask: What messaging technology are they using to remain...

Has the U.S. reached a brick wall with peace in the Middle East?

The Trump administration announced that they are shelving Trump's "deal of the century" plan for peace in the Middle East. What is the Deal of...

Abbas Cursing US Ambassador to Israel is an Unprecedented Attack on America

"An unprecedented attack on a US official by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas." That is how Dan Diker, Director of the Political Warfare Project...

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