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Iran is terrorizing the Middle East and the entire world

Iran is fueling terror across the Middle East as well as the rest of the world. Their own people are suffering as well! Where...

U.S. Homeland security holds anti-terrorism conference in Jerusalem

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen recently came to Israel for a special anti-terrorism conference in Jerusalem. Nielsen is the first US Cabinet...

Conservative MP stands up to liberal Canadian government abandoning Israel

The Canadian government has become so liberal and has turned against Israel. But at least one MP will stand up and fight back. Liberal Governments Many...

UPDATE: Israel’s Defense Minister Resigns Over Gaza Inaction. New Elections?

Israel is now entering a period of uncertainty. With the resignation of the Defense Minister, it is almost certain that elections will be held...

Israeli children take cover from heavy Hamas rocket fire and comfort each other

This is the traumatizing nature of Hamas rocket fire. Listen to it. Take it in. And share it with the rest of the world. Hamas...

Breaking News: April Storm in Israel Kills Ten Students Caught in Flash Flood

A group of teenage students was caught in a flash flood while hiking in southern Israel today. Israeli search and rescue services went into...

Firebomb destroys Christian Broadcaster Daystar’s Jerusalem studio

Tragedy struck Christian Broadcaster Daystar's Jerusalem studio. They were in the middle of beautiful renovations when an arsonist burned down the...

Iran Attacks Israel. Israel Shoots Down all the Iranian Rockets

Iran attacked Israel last night and fired 20 missiles at the Israeli Golan Heights. In response, Israel employed the Iron Dome missile system and...

“Palestinian” Arab killed for selling land to Jews

The Palestinian Authority has many racist "laws" that it implements.  One of them is that any Arab who is "caught" in a sale of...

Gaza Border Attacked. Infiltration Attempts. Israeli Fields on Fire Due to Firebombs

Once again, Hamas continued to instigate attacks on the Gaza/Israel border. Thousands rioted, and many threw firebombs to burn down Israeli fields and endanger...

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