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Palestinian Arab Official Admits “Killing Israelis is not Terror, it’s Legitimate”

This is why peace is impossible with the fake people who claim they are "palestinians."  All they want to do is murder Jews and...

The UN appoints world’s worst human rights abusers as leaders of commissions

This video is absolutely shocking! The worst human rights defenders of the world come out looking like saints at the United Nations! A Dream Dashed Eleanor...

Google removes egg from the salad emoji to be more “inclusive”

The politically correct world has reached a new low. Does google really need to remove an egg from their salad emoji to accommodate vegans?...

Horrific ISIS Attack Kills 7 Coptic Christians Traveling to Desert Monastery

ISIS militants shot at a convoy of buses traveling from Cairo to a remote desert monastery. Seven people were killed and over 14 were...

ISIS takes weapons in Sinai coming from Iran for Hamas

ISIS and Hamas do not like each other.  There are many groups of Arabs who dislike each other.  This is not new.  Nearly every...

Iran is the Puppet Master Behind the Massive Gaza Rocket Attacks on Israel

Islamic Jihad shot over 100 rockets and mortars on Israeli civilian areas today. Islamic Jihad is an Iranian backed organization. While the conversation has...

Israel mourns former U.S. President George H.W. Bush

George H. W. Bush served the United States of America for many decades.  He was a young fighter pilot in World War II.  A...

President Trump calls out the bias against Conservatives on social media

Social media companies minimize the exposure of conservative voices.  This is clear from many angles and accounts.  But now they have an adversary with...

Syrian Sources: Israeli Jets Bomb Iranian Positions in Syria

Syrian sources report that Israeli jets bombed several areas near Damascus as well as in southern Syria. The head of the Syrian Observatory for...

White South Africans Afraid for Their Lives Thank President Trump

White South Africans are making videos on Twitter and Youtube to thank President Trump for raising the issue of their dangerous plight in South...

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