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The Trump administration speech that blasts the United Nations

The Trump administration has stuck to their word to defend Israel. Listen to what Jason Greenblatt said at the United Nations. What...

Netanyahu shocked the UN with this revelation

What is the secret of Benjamin Netanyahu? How does he continue to win democratic election after election in the State of Israel...

Brigitte Gabriel defends Jews in one of the best speeches the UN has ever...

Brigitte Gabriel fights for what is right in the world. She is not a bystander who watches history go by as different...

The UN supports terrorism, and Hamas knows it

The UN supports terrorism, and they don't even hide it. The fact that they condemn Israel for nothing instead of condemning terrorists...

Israeli Ambassador destroys UN Security Council with the facts

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon gave a strong speech to the UN Security Council. He hits them with the hard facts. But will...

“Zionism is racism” means more than you think

The phrase Zionism is racism dates back to 1975. It started with the United Nations Resolution 3379, which passed in the UN...

The Nikki Haley interview that says it all

The first question is great and exposes the real self of Nikki Haley. Why did she leave the UN in the...

IDF officer speaks out at UN Human Rights Council for first time in history

The Israeli Army, who stand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, try and protect the People of Israel. This soldier...

Geneva’s UN Human Rights Council just witnessed something for the first time

The United Nations Human Rights Council has just been silenced. For the first time they have heard horror stories of political prisoners,...

Col. Richard Kemp just silenced the entire UN

Col. Richard Kemp served in the British Army in Afghanistan. He testified before the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza...

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