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Bibi Netanyahu just slapped the United Nations with one big reality check

The United Nations wants the world to forget one basic truth. That is, Jews have been living in Israel for three thousand years before...

Historic Israel Exhibit at the United Nations that shows the 3,000 year connection between...

Historic This is unbelievable and historic. The United Nations does everything in its power to negate any connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem. And...

Witness the “Excellent” Meeting Between PM Netanyahu and Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to...

"Everything is fine and you are making it better."  With these words, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greeted US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki...

Nikki Haley responds to absurd comment at UN by defending Israel

When "Palestinian" negotiator Saab Erekat told Nikki Haley to "shut up," she completely destroyed him. Haley responded by defending Israel at the UN and...

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