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Nikki Haley left the UN with this epic speech

Israel will never forget what Nikki Haley did for them in the UN.  In just 2 years, she completely changed the norms of how...

The speech that put the United Nations to shame

Listen to Professor Anne Bayefsky debate at the Oxford Union. Sharing the truth is sometimes so simple. The U.N. is failing, and she tells...

Nikki Haley Slams United Nations on Despicable Hamas Vote

Once again the United Nations exhibited a despicable show of anti-Israel, antisemitic bias, and US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was there to...

Take a look back at Nikki Haley’s golden moments in the United Nations

Nikki Haley's tenure at the United Nations is a story of success that followed success.  She was in an extremely tough position at the...

President Trump’s booming Middle East speech at the United Nations

It takes strength to tell the world the truth about the Middle East. And that is why President Trump's Middle East speech at the...

United Nations’ Agency textbooks for “Palestinian” children praise terrorism

It is a good thing that the UN funds textbooks for poor children.  Education is a good thing.  Or at least it ought to...

Nikki Haley on why the U.S. is cutting funds to United Nations’ agency

The United Nations has institutionalized antisemitism. It has one agency that has the job to resettle all of the refugees around the world.  Then,...

Ambassador Haley confronts the terrorism that the world forgot about

Ambassador Haley has, once again, made a strong and relevant speech at the United Nations. Al-Qaeda leaders are still plotting terrorist attacks. Ambassador Haley at...

Terror Blackmail Experts Palestinian Authority Attack President Trump for “Blackmail”

The Palestinian Authority, the "father" of airplane hijackings and of blackmailing governments by threatening to use terror, is attacking President Trump for "blackmail" by...

The “Nikki Haley Rocks the United Nations” official music video

Ambassador Nikki Haley is a powerhouse at the United Nations. She stands up for whatever is right. This song about Haley at the U.N....

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