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Nikki Haley left the UN with this epic speech

Israel will never forget what Nikki Haley did for them in the UN.  In just 2 years, she completely changed the norms of how...

The speech that put the United Nations to shame

Listen to Professor Anne Bayefsky debate at the Oxford Union. Sharing the truth is sometimes so simple. The U.N. is failing, and she tells...

Nikki Haley Slams United Nations on Despicable Hamas Vote

Once again the United Nations exhibited a despicable show of anti-Israel, antisemitic bias, and US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was there to...

The most hated man at the United Nations speaks up

Hillel Neuer is the most hated man at the United Nations. Why? Because he truly stands up for human rights and calls out the...

One voice boldly calls out United Nations for mockery of human rights

The United Nations is supposed to be a voice that defends human rights.  Instead, it defends those who abuse human rights. The World Jewish...

Incredible images bring 70 years of Israel’s history to life in just 3 minutes

Celebrating 70 years of the State of Israel is a true miracle that we are forever grateful for. This May, Israel will celebrate her 70th...

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