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Muslim who almost became terrorist confronts antisemitism at the UN

Meet Kasim Hafeez, the Pakistani Muslim who almost became a terrorist. And now he is slamming the antisemitism at the UN!

More Travesty at the United Nations. Syria Appointed President of Conference on Disarmament

Today the Syrian regime has begun its four-week Presidency of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament. Many are calling this the darkest day of...

Netanyahu shocked the UN with this revelation

What is the secret of Benjamin Netanyahu? How does he continue to win democratic election after election in the State of Israel...

Nikki Haley Blasts the UN Human Rights Council for Being “Cesspool of Political Bias”

The United Nations Human Rights Council only connection to human rights is its name. Yesterday the United States withdrew from the council because of...

Denmark’s Foreign Minister slams the anti-Israel bias at the UN

Denmark's Foreign Minister, Anders Samuelsen condemned the United Nations for the way it treats Israel. He has had enough of the discrimination!...

Historic Israel Exhibit at the United Nations that shows the 3,000 year connection between...

Historic This is unbelievable and historic. The United Nations does everything in its power to negate any connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem. And...

President Trump’s booming Middle East speech at the United Nations

It takes strength to tell the world the truth about the Middle East. And that is why President Trump's Middle East speech at the...

Nikki Haley responds to absurd comment at UN by defending Israel

When "Palestinian" negotiator Saab Erekat told Nikki Haley to "shut up," she completely destroyed him. Haley responded by defending Israel at the UN and...

The most hated man at the United Nations speaks up

Hillel Neuer is the most hated man at the United Nations. Why? Because he truly stands up for human rights and calls out the...

Nikki Haley wants to help the “Palestinian” people

Nikki Haley is never afraid to speak up at the UN. And this time, she called out countries who say they want to help...

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