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United Nations Corruption in Jerusalem Exposed for all to See

The blatant anti-Israel agenda of the United Nations is clear to see in this film expose by the Center for Near East...

Britain finally stands up for Israel at the Human Rights Council, sort of

The United Nations Human Rights Council prefers to ostracize Israel all the time instead of actually standing up for human rights. Boris Johnson, Foreign...

CNN finally gets it right about the United Nations

Well, the United Nations was just officially called out by CNN for the double standard against Israel. And it sounded perfect! The Double Standard Against...

Denmark’s Foreign Minister slams the anti-Israel bias at the UN

Denmark's Foreign Minister, Anders Samuelsen condemned the United Nations for the way it treats Israel. He has had enough of the discrimination!...

President Trump’s booming Middle East speech at the United Nations

It takes strength to tell the world the truth about the Middle East. And that is why President Trump's Middle East speech at the...

IDF officer speaks out at UN Human Rights Council for first time in history

The Israeli Army, who stand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, try and protect the People of Israel. This soldier...

Muslim who almost became terrorist confronts antisemitism at the UN

Meet Kasim Hafeez, the Pakistani Muslim who almost became a terrorist. And now he is slamming the antisemitism at the UN!

The UN appoints world’s worst human rights abusers as leaders of commissions

This video is absolutely shocking! The worst human rights defenders of the world come out looking like saints at the United Nations! A Dream Dashed Eleanor...

The U.N. has betrayed the women of Saudi Arabia

"Electing Saudi Arabia to protect women's rights is like making an arsonist into the town fire chief." - UN Watch Director Hillel Neuer.  Western Betrayal...

One voice boldly calls out United Nations for mockery of human rights

The United Nations is supposed to be a voice that defends human rights.  Instead, it defends those who abuse human rights. The World Jewish...

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