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Nikki Haley responds to absurd comment at UN by defending Israel

When "Palestinian" negotiator Saab Erekat told Nikki Haley to "shut up," she completely destroyed him. Haley responded by defending Israel at the UN and...

The “Nikki Haley Rocks the United Nations” official music video

Ambassador Nikki Haley is a powerhouse at the United Nations. She stands up for whatever is right. This song about Haley at the U.N....

The Trump administration speech that blasts the United Nations

The Trump administration has stuck to their word to defend Israel. Listen to what Jason Greenblatt said at the United Nations. What...

Nikki Haley Blasts the UN Human Rights Council for Being “Cesspool of Political Bias”

The United Nations Human Rights Council only connection to human rights is its name. Yesterday the United States withdrew from the council because of...

Geneva’s UN Human Rights Council just witnessed something for the first time

The United Nations Human Rights Council has just been silenced. For the first time they have heard horror stories of political prisoners,...

The UN Report on Gaza ‘March of Return’ For Dummies

Sometimes, satirical humor gets the point across. And maybe for this latest UN report on Gaza, people will get the point. The...

Terror Blackmail Experts Palestinian Authority Attack President Trump for “Blackmail”

The Palestinian Authority, the "father" of airplane hijackings and of blackmailing governments by threatening to use terror, is attacking President Trump for "blackmail" by...

Hillel Neuer blasts UN Human Rights Council for the “Big Lie”

Hillel Neuer is the executive director of UN Watch which is a human rights NGO that monitors the UN. He is fearless...

Netanyahu Announces End to Anti-Israel International Monitoring Group in Hebron

TIPH is the Temporary International Presence in Hebron. Set up in 1994 to be temporary, it turned into a permanent international presence. TIPH...

Witness the “Excellent” Meeting Between PM Netanyahu and Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to...

"Everything is fine and you are making it better."  With these words, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greeted US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki...

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