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UN elects Israel as VP of UN committee overseeing human rights groups

The United Nations has a dismal record on everything connected to human rights. The fact that Israel is finally in a...

Hillel Neuer: “The worst censorship I’ve experienced in 15 years at the UN”

Neuer, the executive Director of UN Watch, which is a non-governmental organization to keep watch on the United Nations. He is the...

Historic Israel Exhibit at the United Nations that shows the 3,000 year connection between...

Historic This is unbelievable and historic. The United Nations does everything in its power to negate any connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem. And...

United Nations’ Agency textbooks for “Palestinian” children praise terrorism

It is a good thing that the UN funds textbooks for poor children.  Education is a good thing.  Or at least it ought to...

The UN dream has become a nightmare

The United Nations is made up of many countries from around the world. Its objectives include maintaining international peace and security and...

Another biased resolution against Israel at the UN – US votes “no”

What exactly does the UN do? The truth is that it does very little. But the little that it does...

“Zionism is racism” means more than you think

The phrase Zionism is racism dates back to 1975. It started with the United Nations Resolution 3379, which passed in the UN...

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