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Jewish Music is entertaining.  It is truly enjoyable. People listen to it to relax.  Others listen to get excited.   One way or another, people find it inspiring. There are lots of genres of music today. Jewish Music is more rich today than any other time in history. The roots of modern trends go back to many sources. Most of the music today is probably steeped in Hasidic tradition. The use of music in Hasidism was widespread.  A central tenet of Hasidism is happiness in the service of God.  Therefore, some of the greatest Rabbis would lead hundreds of followers in song.  The goal - uplifting the spirit of the masses.

Alternative Jewish Music

In today's day and age, many talented musicians borrow or use aspects of music that don't originate in Judaism. They artfully combine Jewish texts with not-so-Jewish music.  This creates unique and entertainingly powerful tunes. Some of the most popular singers today create new combinations of old and new. Enjoy the music of Gad Elbaz, Hanan Ben-Ari, the Maccabeats and Nissim.

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