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The Jewish People are an ancient people. A Nation with a Homeland, language, and unique customs. But, the Jewish people did not come into existence like any other. Nor do they exist like any other people.

A Chosen Nation

God chose to build them up from Abraham and Sarah, then Issac and Rebecca, and then from Jacob and his four wives. From their family, he built up a nation - in Egypt. There, in Egypt, God formed a nation and delivered them from servitude and bondage through miracle after miracle. He took the Jewish people to the Promised Land through the desert. In the desert, God declared the Jewish people as His Chosen People and met with the entire Jewish Nation - young and old - on Mt. Sinai. On that mountain, God "married" his young nation and gave them the Bible and the Covenant. In the ensuing years, God led His people to the Promised Land - and the rest is history... The inspiration that exists today to God's Chosen Nation stems from the ancient beginnings of Jewish History in Egypt, the Wilderness and Mt. Sinai.

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