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Anti-Semitism is as old as humanity.  It has many manifestations and many versions.  It lurks in the background of almost all cultures, but only bears it's ugly head from time to time.

Is it a growing phenomenon?

Some will argue that in today's day and age, nothing could befall the Jewish people that is akin to the Holocaust.  Is the world actually improving somewhat on this matter?  Has the shock of the Holocaust horrors perhaps brought a heightened sensitivity to nations of the world? It is hard to know, but the latest reports  of statistics are not auspicious.  Back in 2017, the ADL reported that anti-semitism in the United States in 2016 surged by more than one-third.  Moreover, since then, it seems to just be growing. There will always be those who claim that Jews overreact at the slightest incident.  But, history proves otherwise.  Over-sensitivity to anti-Jewish incidents has good reason.  The world has always been and continues to be a dangerous place. In reference to anti-semitism, George Will commented this way back in April, 2018: "Nothing — nothing — is unthinkable, and political institutions by themselves provide no permanent safety from barbarism, which permanently lurks beneath civilization’s thin, brittle crust."

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