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The Holocaust refers to the systematic destruction of 6 million Jews during World War II by the Nazi War Machine. The depths that mankind reached during World War II were unfathomable. It became crystal clear to the whole world what the Nazis in Germany did to the Jewish people.  Our understanding of the nature of anti-semitism has changed forever. Six Million Jews from all over Europe and North Africa were killed - systematically - in death camps.  The Nazi war machine never let up with killing Jews.  Even when the war was essentially lost, the killing continued to the bitter end. The depths of racism that Hitler succeeded in bringing out among the German masses is what enabled him to kill so many Jews.

End of the Holocaust & Aftermath

Only the end of World War II, with the total defeat of Nazi Germany in the spring of 1945, did the Holocaust come to an end. The world was shocked to discover what was going on in the 20th century.  The Nuremberg trials in which leading members of the Nazi war machine were convicted brought the horrible details of the Holocaust to the entire world. The State of Israel was formed a mere 3 years after the end of the Holocaust.

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