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Ben Shapiro destroys the Left’s response to Ilhan Omar

Ben Shapiro clearly labels Ilhan Omar a blatant anti-semite. But his main gripe is with the Left's attitude to Ilhan Omar....

A grave warning to those visiting Auschwitz

Going to Auschwitz concentration camp to learn of the horrors of the mass extermination by the Nazis is serious. But tragically, some...

“Palestinian” Arabs open up about crossing Israeli checkpoints

How do "Palestinian" Arabs actually feel about passing through checkpoints in Judea and Samaria? Do Israeli soldiers treat them with respect? Find...

Bill Maher Absolutely Crushes Charlie Rose for Comparing Islam to Christianity

Bill Maher is not a person that nearly anybody would term a conservative. He is proud to label himself a liberal-minded...

The Most Special Jewish Wedding You Will Ever See

Marriage is one of the greatest gifts of God to mankind. Not the wedding itself - but marriage. After the...

These Discoveries Prove that the Exodus From Egypt Was Real

The Bible describes the areas where the Jewish People traveled following the Exodus. Much of the story took place in the...

Nikki Haley’s speech about defending Israel that had the whole room standing

Defending Israel is not always the easy thing to do in a world that is so critical of it. But Nikki Haley never fails...

Finally, a Muslim Official Kicked Off the Temple Mount

One of the biggest disgraces today is that Israel allows the Muslim WAQF authority to set the rules for Jewish visitors to our holy...

Israeli Technology Helps in Amazing Rescue of Boys Trapped in Thailand Cave

What an amazing twist to a frightening story. The boys were on a hike with their soccer team in a 10 km long cave...

Prince William Stoned by Palestinian Arabs During his Visit to Ramallah

You probably won't see this in the mainstream news.  Arab media sources (English translation) are reporting that on his drive north of Ramallah, "palestinian" Arab...

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