Coronavirus Survivor Stories


    While there are many stories about there about the COVID-19 or coronavirus that make us cringe and increase our fear, this group of 17 coronavirus survivors are a source of hope.

    While coronavirus has a much higher percentage of recovery than we think, a group of 17 churchgoers in Singapore got the virus and all 17 recovered.

    It is true many of them spent nearly a month in the ICU, but the recovery rate is a real source of hope for a world that has seen nearly 3 billion people in some sort of lockdown.

    Still, with all the positives there are with these 17 people, COVID-19 is nothing to “laugh” at. The fact it can easily be passed to others and if not checked create a surge in ICU patients is what is scaring the world. We have already seen a number of countries like Italy, parts of China, and Spain get crippled.

    So, while there is hope, one must be aware of the immense struggle the world is in.