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Expert on antisemitism catches something shocking on camera


Meet Tuvia Tenenbaum. He is an expert on uncovering antisemitism. What he caught on camera here is just horrifying. Can you believe people say these things?

Tuvia the Antisemitism Expert

Tuvia Tenenbaum wrote a book called “Catch the Jew.” In the book, Tuvia goes undercover in the Land of Israel into places where no Jews go. His goal? To reveal the truths of the Holy Land that no one will tell you. He shows you things about Israel that you never knew before. He is also an expert at uncovering the horrific antisemitism of today.

Antisemitism Today is Terrifying

Tenenbaum exposes antisemitism just by striking conversation with people. What people are willing to admit and say casually is really appalling. You can see from this one short video clip the types of racist slurs that people have no issue saying. It is really just shocking that so soon after the Holocaust, anti-semites are saying things like “Hitler didn’t kill enough Jews.” Sadly, this is still a major problem in today’s world. When will it end?