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Flash flood washes away two jeeps in Northern Israel


Nahal Hilazon creek in Northern Israel has been subject to flooding over the last while because of heavy rains. Recently, 3 trapped people were rescued.


Although Nahal Hilazon creek is generally dry, it has been flooding often over the last month. And sadly, this incident is not the first one that was somewhat serious. A 20 year old IDF soldier, Evyatar Yosefi drowned during a training exercise while trying to cross over. That is just completely tragic.

Northern Israel and the Rain

The rain is considered a blessing during the rainy season in Israel. Whether it is Northern Israel or anywhere else. But we need to pray to God that he should give the rain in the right amounts so that it will be good for Israel and the people.

It is hard to appreciate the rain, especially when it can potentially cause tragedies. We can only hope and pray and request of God that he brings no more tragedies with the rain. Only blessings!