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Frank Sinatra was a “secret agent” for Israel


What was the connection that Frank Sinatra had with the young Jewish State of Israel?  Get ready to be surprised.  Sinatra was a big fan of the State of Israel in many ways.  But he didn’t merely write a song or donate a few cents towards the State of Israel.  He took some major steps to help the State of Israel exist.

Cast A Giant Shadow

In addition to visiting and supporting the State, Sinatra played an interesting role in one of the best movies ever made about the State of Israel.  Kirk Douglas starred as Mickey Marcus in the amazingly accurate historic movie about the beginning of the State of Israel.  Mickey Marcus had extremely valuable experience fighting in World War II.  Israel sorely needed his talents.

Who would be the person to convince Mickey Marcus to volunteer for the State of Israel.  None other than John Wayne who also starred in the movie.

However, Frank Sinatra plays the role of a fighter pilot flying in Israel’s “Air Force.”  The Air Force consisted of some old leftover planes from Europe that had no weapons on them.  Israel simply flew over Egyptian troops and dropped seltzer bottles on them.  The hissing sound scared away the Egyptians and made an impact that helped the war effort.

This is just one of many miracles of Israel’s War of Independence.