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Hamas founder exposes Yasser Arafat’s real agenda


No, Yasser Arafat did not want to make peace. His real agenda was just to destroy the Jewish people and state. For some reason, many were blind to that.

The Real Agenda

Well, it is no secret to many of us. But Yasser Arafat’s real agenda did not include any type of peace with Israel. He is a terrorist. He is a coordinator of terrorism. And he organized terror activity along with Hamas. The founder of Hamas, Hassan Yousef, said it loud and clear.

Let’s get some things straight here: The Palestinian Arab leadership does not want peace. They pursue terror. They chase after evil. And they embrace murder. It was true when Yasser Arafat was the leader and it is true now.

Why Doesn’t the World See?

It is really a wonder. How is the world so blind to the fact that the Palestinian Authority is just another terrorist entity disguising itself as a leadership that wants peace? Hamas is a terrorist organization, and so is the PA!

So when it comes to who the world should side with in this “complicated” conflict (which in fact is pretty simple and clear), the answer is Israel. One side embraces terrorism while the other side, Israel, embraces peace.