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Here is the secret to success in just one word


What is the secret to success? Is it all about spreadsheets? Hard Work? What is the real secret?
Moe Mernick reveals it in this short clip.

One Word

The secret can be boiled down to one word.  It is not merely about saying “Thank You” even though that is extremely important.  It is not necessarily about organization even though that is critical too.

The secret to all success is not even the realization that there is One above that guides everything.  It is about our CONNECTION with the Creator that changes everything.

The one word is Prayer.  And yes – you don’t even have to be religious to do it.

We all know people who say a prayer before a big game or a big performance – even though they rarely seem to care much about religion on a typical day.  But the same person will tell you that it undoubtedly works to connect with whomever they pray to.

Try it – you won’t be let down.

Moe Mernick

Moe is a walking inspiration.  I have had the honor to meet with Moe in his capacity as business and development manager at HomeTalk.com.  HomeTalk itself is a fascinating wildly successful Israel-based business.  We discussed business ideas and exchanged strategies that could be beneficial to each one of us.  But I also walked away with much more than a business idea or three.  Moe is a Niagara Falls of positivism.  To say that talking with him is like a shot in the arm is a huge understatement.

He gets you to think big – to think broad – and most of all – to think positively.  I cannot think of a more inspirational speaker  than Moe Mernick.