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How World Hijab Day actually harms women


Some like to make believe that World Hijab Day represents women’s freedoms and the choice to where a hijab. But ex-Muslims open up and share the truth.

World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day was founded by Nazma Khan in 2013. It encourages women all over the world, whether Muslim or not, to wear a hijab. But why? What does that really show? What does the hijab represent?

In this video, women who were once Muslims and were forced to wear a hijab share what wearing a hijab really means.

Freedom or Oppression?

As explained by former Muslims, the hijab was used to separate the free women from the not free women. And even though choosing what to wear should represent freedom, when people embrace the hijab, they are embracing oppression. Women are stoned to death in some countries for trying to remove their head covering. Even women’s own families threaten to kill them. They can be arrested, abused, and more. So why is it that people are proud of World Hijab Day?

This is why there has been a counter-campaign to World Hijab Day. It is called No Hijab Day. It addresses the issues that go hand in hand with the hijab. And No Hijab Day is REALLY the campaign that embraces freedom.