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Gov. Huckabee Tells the Truth About “Crazy” Bernie


Gov. Huckabee of Arkansas told Fox and Friends that Bernie is just plain insane. This is the only explanation for his singling out Netanyahu and Israel and calling them racist, according to Huckabee.

Bernie Sanders has called Bibi racist and said he would pressure Israel to change its relationship with the Arabs in Gaza.

Ultimately, Sanders and his supporters believe that Israel is an apartheid state that is colonialist at its root. This is why for them, nothing Israel does will be good enough. After all in Sanders’ eyes Israel is the one which must make amend for the “historical injustice” perpetrated against the so called “Palestinians.”

This is of course insane. Israel, which guarantees the rights of all Muslims, Christians, and Jews equally and is the only democracy in the Middle East is not close to an apartheid reality.

Sanders and his friends are just plain insane or something much worse – antisemitic.