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Ilhan Omar’s congressional district has a MAJOR problem!


Take a look at Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. Is it shocking? Appalling? Startling? All of the above? Well, that is how Omar got elected…

Ilhan Omar’s Congressional District

Ilhan Omar’s congressional district is extremely antisemitic. Some people wonder how she got voted into the US Congress. And then when you take a look at who voted her in, sadly, it makes sense. These people are so antisemitic that it is frightening. One woman said about Israel, “They are taking over, they are destroying, they are killing, and no one says anything about it.” Actually, what she said is true about the Palestinian Arab terrorists, not Israel. Right before that comment, she said, “Everybody who’s wise, who’s intelligent sees what’s going on.” That statement is true – if, again, she was referring to the problem of Palestinian Arab terrorism. Not about Israel “hypnotizing the world,” as she so proudly agreed with Ilhan Omar about.

The “Other” Omar Issue

Aside from Ilhan Omar’s horrific antisemitism, she committed immigration fraud. She married her brother while she was married to another man. Do her voters care? Seemingly not, after hearing the man in this video speak. He believes it makes sense because otherwise, how will all the women get married? He said that there are more women than men, so one man needs to marry more than one woman.

The whole thing is quite absurd. Ilhan Omar is quite absurd. And her voters are quite absurd. Do you see the problem now with Ilhan Omar and Minnesota’s 5th congressional district?