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Iranians rebel against regime and support Israel with twitter account


The Israeli people and the Iranian people are not enemies. It is the Muslim leadership of Iran that is the enemy of Israel. That is why it is so beautiful to see this campaign.  It actually shows that many Iranians simply reject their Muslim leadership’s views on Israel.  The Iranian people are not what the world thinks they are.  The Iranian people have a long history of openness and Western-mindedness.  The situation today can be changed.  The clock can be turned back to the good old days of the 60’s and 70’s in Iran.  This is truly eye-opening.

Before the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Iran was a rather modern country. Americans did alot of business with Iran.  Ross Perot, an American Presidential candidate and major businessman built an entire division in Iran.  Tehran was a major business center that emerged in the 1970’s.  The Shah was the open-minded Western leader.  He may not have been a saint.  But things were alot better than they are now.  But the Ayatollahs took over in the wild revolution of 1979.  Since then, it has been a mess.  The entire world is concerned about radical Islam now.  Iran continues to threaten Israel through it’s proxies in Lebanon and Gaza.  Let’s see if the moderate voices will prevail and bring peace to the Middle East.

The diversity of #WeStandwithIsrael Tweets by Iranians

This tweet is not just supportive of Israel, but exemplary of the way many Iranians feel about their Muslim leadership.