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Israel’s men’s gymnastics team brings home the gold in world championship


Israel’s men’s gymnastics team proved themselves with this unbelievable routine. When you watch it, you’ll understand why they won the world championship!

Israel’s Men’s Gymnastics Team

The following people are on Israel’s men’s gymnastics team: Lidar Dana, Yannay Kalfa, Efi Efraim Sach, and Daniel Uralevitch. Their performance in the championship was unreal. When you watch their flips and flexibility, it makes you wonder how people can be so talented. The commentator loved Israel’s performance as well. After the Israeli gymnasts finished their performance, the commentator said, “If you are new to acrobatic gymnastics, welcome – you’ve just seen how it should be done.” It’s no wonder they got a loud round of applause!

Watch the whole thing. You’ll understand why they took home the gold in the world championship. They performed with such perfection and poise.

Don’t try any of their stunts at home!

World Championship

Israel’s men’s gymnastics team finally won their first World Championship gold medal. What an accomplishment! Israel is really showing the world their abilities in worldwide sports competitions. Team Israel will also be competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics, and maybe they’ll bring home some medals then as well!

Despite constant discrimination and lack of support from some people in the world, Israel continues to make its mark on society. Israelis are determined and strong-willed, and therefore, they don’t take no for an answer. They don’t get discouraged by the way some countries in the world may view them. Israelis stay focused on their goals.

And sometimes, they come home with the gold!