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ISRAEL IN CRISIS: Pandemic Spreading While Coup Attempt Begins To Crash


Israel’s political upheaval continues as the coronavirus pandemic spreads to more and more people. Call it mayhem or insanity, but Yair Lapid, Blue and White’s number 2, claims Israel is now a “dictatorship” due to Netanyahu’s handling of the crisis.


According to insiders, other members of the Blue and White leadership are openly worried that Lapid’s hate for Netanyahu and radical comments are destroying the party.

Netanyahu and his government is in a pitched battle with Blue and White’s brazen attempt to ignore the will of the voters and use the Arab list to push Bibi and the Likud out of power.

What makes them desperate is that polls now show that Likud will crush Blue and White if there is a fourth election. The problem they have is that now others are joining the same Blue and White MKs who are set to vote against their party leaders’ coup attempt.

If the present situation holds, then Gantz will be unable to form a government and will have squandered valuable time that the country needs to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

A sharp difference can now be felt in the country. Up until yesterday, there was still a large amount of people disregarding the Prime Minister’s directives. With the cases expanding rapidly, that has now changed.

From Tiberius to Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem, streets are empty, creating the feeling that Israel’s cities have turned into ghost towns.

Blue And White Cracking?

With the crisis expanding and the Prime Minister winning praise across the political spectrum for his handling of the crisis, many voices in Blue and White and even Lapid’s own Yesh Atid faction are beginning to push for a unity government with the Prime Minister in charge.

Rav Shai Piron, Lapid’s former two wrote the following on a major news site:

“And Yair, my dear friend, must give up. Listen to the voice of the public. Sometimes dreams come true. Sometimes they are delayed.” 

Lapid does not seem interested in listening, but his antics are rubbing many the wrong way and it appears there is a good chance for a unity government forming at the end of this process, with or without Lapid.

If there is a positive spin on the corona pandemic in Israel, the public is beginning to finally see why Netanyahu is the best choice for Prime Minister.

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