Mainstream media consistently misreports news from Israel. When Israel kills or injures terrorists or violent rioters, in self-defense, Israel is in the headlines portrayed as the aggressor. However, when Israel is attacked by rockets trying to murder innocent Israelis, there is virtually a media blackout on the story.

What the Media did NOT tell You

This is what happened according to the IDF spokesman, yet the mainstream media virutally ignored all reporting about it!

On May 29th Hamas and the Islamic Jihad attacked Israel with over a hundred rockets and mortars.

1. The morning began with dozens of mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip on Israeli towns and villages. One of which exploded in a kindergarten.

2. This is a continuation of Hamas’s and the Islamic Jihad’s terrorist activity. It includes hundreds of recent incidents in which the groups planted explosive devices, launched Molotov cocktails, attempted to cross the fence, committed arson and shot at Israeli forces.

3. In response to the mortar fire from Gaza, the IDF targeted 35 terror objectives in seven sites. They all belonged to Hamas and the Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. It included military compounds, munition storage warehouses, naval targets and terrorist command centers.

4. As part of Israel’s retaliation, a Hamas offensive terror tunnel was neutralized in the area of the Kerem Shalom humanitarian aid crossing. The tunnel passes from the Gaza Strip into Egyptian territory and from there crosses into Israeli territory. This is the tenth tunnel the IDF has neutralized since last October.

The True News

5. Israel views attacks on its residents with severity. We will continue to act with determination to save lives and protect the security of its citizens, as any other country would. Hamas bears complete responsibility for attacks from the Gaza Strip.

6. The events on the Gaza Strip border are not “popular demonstrations”. Rather they are terrorist activity organized by Hamas, with Iranian funding.

They use the “popular” protest as cover for Hamas to attempt to kill Israelis, kidnap soldiers, damage property and infrastructure, and realize its declared goal of eliminating the State of Israel. The absolute majority of those killed in attacks on the fence are Hamas operatives.

7. Hamas has deteriorated the situation for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip. They use most of the international aid it receives for military buildup rather than investing in infrastructure for the public good. Time after time, Hamas had proven that it is willing to sacrifice the welfare of the population in the Gaza Strip in favor of its extremist ideology.

Balanced Coverage?

Columnist Ben Shapiro says it straight out in this interview a few weeks ago “the media outlets are acting as a propaganda arm for Hamas”. What a sad reality we live in.