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Israel’s Iron Dome system could save MILLIONS of lives!


The Israeli Army is well-known for the bravery that it’s young soldiers display on the battlefield. But the rules of warfare are changing rapidly. Missile threats are today the greatest mega-threat to world peace. The Iron Dome is probably the most cutting-edge weapon to defend against the missile threat.

Missile threats to Israel

The primary threat to Israel today is the missile threat.  In the North, the Hizbullah in Lebanon threaten Israel with thousands of missiles.  From the Northeast, near Israel’s Golan, the Syrian threat is predominantly a missile threat too.  However, the main missile threat that Israel dealt with in the last few battles was from Gaza in the south.  Without a question, the big story of the last few battles with the Hamas in Gaza was the Iron Dome system.  Essentially, it succeeded at neutralizing nearly all missiles that the Hamas fired at population centers.  It even succeeded at not shooting down missiles that did not threaten Israeli soldiers or civilians.

Missile threats to the Rest of the World

The most dangerous threat to the United States or any other western democracy are Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s).  Either Iran, North Korea, China, or the Soviet Union are now able to threaten the United States.  The key defense system today may very well be the Iron Dome defense system.  Some would argue that cyber warfare is more important than  missile defense today.  But, everyone would agree that these 2 aspects of battle today are perhaps the most critical aspects of warfare today.

The innovative norms of the Israeli population not only enhance the life of millions all over the world.  They also  keep the world safe from threats from dictators with dangerous weapons.