Simone O’Broin is a Jew hater, under the pretext of being a Human Rights lawyer. Getting drunk on Air India exposed her for the hateful person that she is.

“I’m international criminal lawyer for Palestinian people… I’m working for all your people…. And you won’t give me another f***ing glass of wine?! I’m a leader of the f***ing boycott movement! If I say ‘Boycot f***ing Air India’ — done!”- Simone O’Broin, a Belfast-based #BDS activist, connected to the Palestinian BADIL Resource Center. She is going crazy after being refused to have an extra bottle of wine due to her level of intoxication. The incident took place at Air India flight from Mumbai to London.
The viral video shows the blonde-haired barefoot woman, swearing at crew, hurling racist slurs at the staff, threatening to ‘p*** on them’ in court, and calling a female staff member an ‘Indian f***ing money-grabbing b*****d’.
She was arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated public order and common assault.