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Jewish journalist has exposed Jew hatred – and she will NOT be silenced!


Jewish journalist Laura Loomer has dedicated herself to exposing Jew hatred. The ironic thing is that while exposing it, it exposed ITSELF even more!

Jewish Journalist Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer is a strong advocate for Israel and the Jewish people. Although Big Tech has tried to silence her, she has kept her voice strong, finding other ways to spread the truth. It is almost funny, for lack of a better word, that while trying to expose the Jew hatred that exists, Twitter, Facebook and the like have BANNED her! That just proves her case even more. They do not like that she is a Conservative Jewish journalist. They do not like that she is revealing things that go against their agenda. Whether she was trying to expose Jihadists in America or the complete and utter Jew hatred, she was silenced by the “other side.” People want to hide the truth. And they want to stop anyone from sharing it. Apparently, the truth is scarier to the world than the lies?

“Be Proud Jews”

In this video, there is a clip with Loomer and Avi Abelow. She asks Avi what his message would be to America Jews, and he said “Be proud Jews.” That is a message that every Jew throughout the world should remember. Antisemitism is not something new. It has been attacking the Jewish people for centuries. So the message to be proud of who we are is really a timeless one. Everyone for all generations needs to remember that. Because if Jews themselves are not proud, then others will take advantage of them. We have even seen it happen with Jews who align themselves with certain members of the Congress who seek their destruction…