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Jewish Students Show Why Being Joyful Is the Best Way to Handle the Snow


Being stuck in traffic due to bad weather you have a choice. To sit and get frustrated and angry, or to look at the picture. These young Jewish boys did the latter. They forgot about the traffic and where they had to be and instead focused on the joy of the weather, realising everything is in G-d’s Hands.

There is something about the chassidic viewpoint that puts much of the difficulty and frustration that we all experience in our lives into perspective. Chassidism believes in serving God through joy within the framework of our everyday lives. How does one achieve joy? That is something singular to each individual. However, Jewish tradition does emphasize singing and dancing as a way of bringing about inner joy.

This is indeed a lesson that we can all learn. We can choose to focus on the bad, on the challenges we face in life or we can choose to focus on the good. G-d plan’s everything. The challenges we face aren’t put there for no reason. We need to face them and overcome them whilst focusing on the joy of serving G-d and fullfilling His wishes.

As Pharyll Williams put is so perfectly, “Beacuse I’m happy”. This is they way to not only live life but also enjoy it.