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“Palestinian” Jordanian Wows The EU With The Truth


Mudaar Zahran, a “Palestinian” from Jordan is an activist for truth and peace and tells the EU the truth about the conflict in the Middle East.

While stating the obvious that Jordan is “Palestine” Mudar attacks the EU for being accomplices in championing the “Palestinians” at Israel’s expense. He says the truth in attacking the EU for being hypocrites and using the “Palestinians” in their desire to harm Israel.

Jordan and Lebanon are for more discriminatory as well as the PA to the “Palestinian” on the street than Israel is.

Mudar goes on to claim that it is Israel who is the best hope for the “Palestinian” people. “Why would you destroy our best hope?”

Mudar’s stance has caused his family and clan to suffer horrendously in Jordan and the PA, but it is precisely people like Mudar who are bringing peace – not the EU.