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No “Safe Spaces” for Jewish/Israel Supporting Students at UCLA


During an event highlighting the stories, history, and experiences of three different Middle Eastern indigenous communities – #Armenian, #Jewish, & #Kurdish – at UCLA, pro-Israel students were harassed, attacked & shouted down by SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) at UCLA. While all the leftists on campuses talk about safe spaces, they really only mean safe spaces for those they agree with. Jews and Israel supporters do not have safe spaces on college campuses today. This is a very sad reality.


UCLA hosted a horrific SJP conference that in essence is a Jew-hatred conference!

SJP at UCLA is behind a campaign of intimidation and violence against Jewish and pro-Israel students.  Yet they deny it!

Logo of Terror

National SJP has a new ‘incendiary’ logo that glorifies terrorism. UCLA is giving them a platform to spread their Jew-hatred. This is a crime, yet silence.

National SJP even chose to include in the graphic of their logo the image of a “terror-kite.”  This recalls those used by Gaza terrorists during the summer of 2018 to burn thousands of acres of land in Israel.

After being served a cease-and-desist from UCLA, National SJP removed the reference to the university, but kept the image of the kite.

Find out more: https://canarymission.org/campaign/UCLA

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