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PM Netanyahu ROCKED the world in this 2 minute speech


What is the most outrageous claim of the Arab side in the Arab-Israeli conflict? Prime Minister Netanyahu says it plainly. Anyone who says that a Jew should not live somewhere means that they support ethnic cleansing. If somebody claims that any neighborhood should be a black-free zone, they are a racist and support ethnic cleansing.
If someone says that only Muslims should be allowed into a specific area, they support ethnic cleansing.


During the years of World War II, the Nazis in Germany worked very hard and largely succeeded in making Europe free of Jews.  They killed around 70% of the Jews in Europe and most of the Jews who survived were homeless and had nowhere to go to.  The Arabs today claim that no Jews should live in Judea and Samaria.  This doesn’t just echo Nazi Germany.  It’s a replica.  The only difference today is that Jews now have a State and a strong Army and an Air Force.  So, the world ought to get used to that because it’s not going to change.

Obstacle to Peace?

Are Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria an obstacle to peace?

Are the millions of Arabs living inside Israel obstacles to peace?

Prime Minister Netanyahu makes it clear that ethnic cleansing and judenrein are terms that will no longer be a part of the future of the Land of Israel.  Ethnic cleansing for peace – what the Arab side proposes – is nothing more than blatant hatred of Jews and Israel.

We need to be careful before we invoke the Holocaust in reference to anti-Israel attitudes.  It is often an overstatement.  But this is a perfect instance wherein the reference to the Holocaust is exactly right.