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Police told to shoot at Iranian protesters by Iranian municipal official


Iran is at it again and doing what they do best – terrorizing their own people. Iranian police have been told to shoot at Iranian protestors.

While Iran tells the rest of the world it is ready to wipe out the evil Zionist entity – Israel due to its “crimes,” the Ayatollahs themselves see it fit to violently put down unarmed protestors who are demonstrating to be free from their Islamafascist regime.

The above video shows that in fact the municipality gave the order to the police to shoot unarmed protestors that had pushed their way into the governor’s building.

Iran has been on a steady economic collapse since President Trump backed out of the Iranian accord and implemented crippling sanctions. While it is true the Iranian regime finds ways to sell its oil, it is not the same as before.

While the Iranian people are starving the leaders are living in lavish luxury. The protests have erupted due to a lack of care for the general populace as the Ayatollahs seem more interested in taking over Iraq and Syria in hopes of surrounding Israel in order to bring the Mahdi, the fabled end time leader for Shiite Muslims.

There is no doubt the Iranian regime is hemorrhaging. The question will be if these sorts of violent reactions to protests will spark a wider uprising.

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Gavriel Dan
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