Home Politics Secretary of State Pompeo Confronts Iran Over Their Coronavirus Response

Secretary of State Pompeo Confronts Iran Over Their Coronavirus Response


While the global coronavirus pandemic has wiped out markets, closed borders, and changed the way people interact, Iran has placed blame on its failure to protect its citizens by claiming the virus was initiated by the US.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained that the Iranian regime lied about the spread of the virus when it first took hold in the Islamic Republic, which cost it precious time in dealing with it.

Iranian officials now admit that millions could die if Iranians don’t start abiding by social distancing guidelines.

Although Iran has turned down assistance from the US, Pompeo insists that “the US stands ready to help.”

While Iranians are fearful of the virus, some leaders Iranian religious leaders want the virus to spread as it is hoped corona is a sign that the long awaited Mahdi is coming.

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