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Terrorists Hurl Explosives at IDF Troops Near the Gaza Security Fence


Terrorists hurl explosives as IDF troops defend themselves against the attack by the terrorists near the Gaza security fence.

While terrorists have routinely attacked Jews around the Gaza Strip with terror balloons and kites, it has felt in recent weeks to have dissipated. However, the attack on the soldiers shows that terrorists’ focus on harming the IDF and civilians has not wained at all.

The breach in the security fence means that these three terrorists infiltrated into Israel proper, a security nightmare. The IDF responded and were attacked by explosives. The three terrorists escaped back into Gaza, but not before the IDF fired upon them. The IDF reported hits.

While these sorts of attacks have happened before, this sudden event appeared to catch Israel off-guard.

Direct Attacks in Place of Faux Protests?

For weeks up until Defense Minister Naftali Bennett took over, Hamas had been staging “faux” protests at the border fence, designed to make military operations. While these have all but disappeared, the infiltration appears to have replaced them.

So is this a sign of an uptick in violence or just a one off. It really depends on one thing – Iran. If the Mullahs feel pressure, expect the Gaza area to feel the heat.

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Gavriel Dan
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