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The most ridiculous interview with an antisemite


How do you debate an anti-semite? It is actually not an easy question. In general, it is hard to use facts to argue with people who are driven first and foremost by biases. What can be said that will shift their biases? Close to nothing. So, is there any point in entering a debate? Yes.

Warning: Language

Exposure of Bias Has Value

It is very important to realize that in today’s day and age, the main audience is not the crowd that may watch and judge who “wins” the debate. What actually matters is who is exposed as a bias-filled personality and who is revealed to be an open-minded person. It may not be perfectly apparent after one debate. But after time and again, it is not so hard to see where the true biases are.

Anti-semites never have to work too hard to explain the cause of their biases. They nearly always find whatever the main ills are of the world, and somehow ascribe to the Jewish people the cause of those ills. The main flaw of nearly every anti-semitic argument is that there are other anti-semitic arguments that argue the exact opposite line. Meaning, one anti-semite after another contradict one another. This is not new – it has always been the case. In one place, the Jews are the cause of capitalism and all of it’s ills In another case, the Jew is the source of communism. The common denominator is that the Jew is to blame. If one wants to hate, it’s not hard to find and excuse.