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Trump-Kim Agree on Denuclearization of North Korea. Huge Blow to Iran


Allegedly, President Trump has achieved an agreement with North Korea to denuclearize. No other US President has been able to accomplish this. Already this successful summit is a huge blow to Iran and its nuclear program.

According to journalist Caroline Glick, Trump’s strategy to denuclearize Iran is directly linked to denuclearizing North Korea. There is no “North Korea” first strategy, but rather one strategy to denuclearize both. North Korea being the first step to then isolate Iran. (Her full analysis is in the video at the bottom)


This was a historic agreement. Much skepticism exists about what was actually agreed upon. However, President Trump, and his National Security Advisor John Bolton, made clear that North Korea has to give up its whole nuclear program before the U.S. begins to relieve economic sanctions.


Big Difference

Much of the media reporting today is ignoring the fact that President Trump threatened military action while Obama offered to meet North Korean leaders whithout making a military threat. Big difference. Obama was willing to meet dictators without any preconditions. President Trump only meets dictators after they give in to his threats.

Full video of journalist Caroline Glick on the North Korea/Iran Strategy